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dominionRED is a multi-vertical content and media agency.
Although our roots are in centralized and distributed technology, today we service all industry use-cases.

Whether your brand needs some work or not, everything starts with a plan. We look at the effectiveness of your messaging strategy, and how it creates awareness around your brand.

Quality permeates everything we do. However quality is not enough. We ensure success by drawing from our deep understanding of IoT and the industry verticals important to you.

Our value-chain was built from scratch to streamline your branding roadmap. Copy flows through our dove-tailed services ensuring success at each life-cycle point, from concept-to-purchase.

Our connections drive our success. We harmonize your brand by aligning it with the right markets and audiences. We increase awareness by representing you in media and industry publications.

Branding, content & outreach are a 3-legged stool;
you can’t have one without the others.



First there was one, then there were two, & then… well you know how it goes when the word gets out about something good. Check out our client list of companies big & small, we’re proud of them all.



It takes time to establish a trusted group IoT media & publication professionals. We’ve done the leg-work so come-on-board &leverage our professional network.



Growing from a small 2 person team working 7-days-a-week to where we are now is a good problem to have. We’re proud of our people & yes, our founders still work 7-days-a-week.

Branding Strategy

Your brand as an evolving “concept” that represents you. We work with you to instill the vision, value & potential, symbolized by your brand, in the minds of your audience.


Powerful copy empowers your collateral to speak to your strengths & tell your story. Cerebral & engaging, our copy creates awareness around your brand.

Media Outreach

Our unified media outreach value-chain is your megaphone. We leverage our broad network of trusted media contacts & editorial publishing professionals to get the word out.


We represent you. We negotiate with editorial & advertising departments from each publication, to get you the front-&-center  exposure you need at the lowest cost.

With over 60 years of combined IoT experience, we have your back!



The Visionary

“Branding that dovetails beautiful copy with
media outreach & advertising.”



The Strategist

“Giving voice to subtle & powerful ideas
that speak directly to the mind.”



The Deal Maker

“Let me slide over & slip you a clue of
what IoT means, uniquely to you ;)”   



The Wordsmith

“A perfectionist, I won’t rest until the piece is
“just-right” down to the last full-stop.”



The IoT Expert

“Over three decades of experience bringing
ideas to life through the word.”



The Designer

“I dazzle the eye and tantalize
the brain with irresistible visual cues.”

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We Know the IoT
the Players & the Shakers.